locked Text Messaging #TIP

B. Smith

I wrote a simple .bat file that makes using the Text Messaging feature a little easier by invoking NotePad. I put some 73 types of messages that I commonly might want to send in the file and can cut-and-paste them,  rather than typing them out when using text messaging. I placed the .bat file in "Applications > Auto-start" area of JTAlert. Example of a path into Auto Start:  C:\Users\Bill\JTAlert.txt.bat
Bat file: @echo off
             Start D:\Documents\JTAlert.txt
I saved the text file as follows: C:\Users\Bill\JTAlert.txt.bat
Nice feature is that the file is editable, as you think of things and refine it - just "save" the edit.
It won't close out automatically, like real apps will in Auto-start - but it's just one mouse click to resolve.
73, Bill n3xl