locked [Ham-Apps] Status report on JT-Alert 1.5.0 release.

Phil & Anne Irons <ve1bvd@...>

sounds like you've been a busy lad, Laurie!  Thanks for your efforts!



On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 9:32 AM, Laurie <groups03@...> wrote:

I have finished final code changes. I am running this version live for the next 24 hours.

I thought I would provide a brief insight intosome of the new and changed features.
From the release notes of 1.5.0 ......

  Change - Code changes to support new JT65-HF ver 1.0.8.x
  New    - Setup executable file (manual install no longer supported).
  New    - Menus moved to title bar for a cleaner look and increased space
            for up to 9 decoded callsigns.
  New    - US State, LoTW & eQSL(AG) databases distributed as single setup
            executable file, 8.9MB size (if not using DXLAB files)
  New    - US State (Male or Female) & Misc sound wave files distributed as
            a single setup executable file, 1.9MB size.
  New    - Sound and Callsign databases installed outside of program folder in
            Windows Comman AppData area (typically C:\ProgramData under Win7)
  New    - Logging: HRD4/5 (Access), HRD5 (MySQL & MSSQL), SwissLog, VQLog, ADIF.
            (JT65-HF data plus Name, QTH, DXCC, State, ITUZ, CQZ & QSL request).
  New    - Scan Log to populate WAS settings.
            (Currently only, DXKeeper, HRD4/5 (Access) & HRD5 (MySQL & MSSQL)).
  New    - Band activity indicator in titlebar with auto updates from HamSpots.net.
  New    - LoTW & eQSL(AG) membership indicators on decoded callsigns.
  New    - Out of Shack Alert with own volume and sound file(repeat 1 to 5 times)
            triggered on any combination of existing alerts. The idea is that this
            will sound to draw attention to JT65 activity.
  New    - Wanted DXCC Alert.
            (still in beta with settings improvment due in next release).
  New    - Tree Style Settings/Configuration window layout.
  New    - Settings saved to a file (instead of Registry) in users AppData directory.
            (not compatible with previous JT-Alert versions - sorry).
  New    - Backup/Restore Comfiguration settings to/from file options.
  New    - Own Call alerts now support two callsigns.
  New    - Right-click menu on decoded calls. Add/delete call to/from Wanted-
            Calls alert list and initiate QRZ.com lookup.
  New    - Option to vary number of decoded callsigns displayed. (6,7,8 or 9).
  New    - Always OnTop of all windows option for JT-Alert.
  New    - Wanted Calls & Wanted Grids management (Add, delete, import).
  New    - multiuser support with individual settings and logs and alerts.
            (one PC, one JT-Alert plus ancillary files install)
  New    - Auto create empty JT-Alert B4 file if missing and needed.
  Change - Logging to JT-Alert B4 file only if not using a supported logger.
            (If using a supported logger, B4 checking uses that log)
  Change - JT-Import is now part of the Configuration/Setup program.
            (Support of standalone adif import program is dropped).
  Change - Configuration WAS State order to match ARRL LoTW State order.
  Change - Extended CQ & QRZ detection to include non-standard decodes.
           (CQ DE, QRZ DE, QRZ?, QRZ??, CQDX, CQ DX, CQ STATE)
  Change - Left-Click DXKeeper lookup moved to Right-Click context menu.
            Pathfinder lookup also available.
  Change - Option to repeat play an alert wave file removed.
  Change - Auto layout adjustments for Screen resolutions with large fonts.
  Change - Compiler options reduced .exe file-size and memory usage 50%.
  Change - Performance enhancements - cacheing of database lookup results.
  Change - Application icon now supports Vista/Win7 large (256x256) icon sizes.
  BugFix - Incorrect Docked position and size under Vista/Win7 Aero theme.

Laurie, VK3AMA

Phil & Anne Irons
Sydney, Nova Scotia