locked JTAlert 2.15.1 Sounds and install issue

Tom NS8K

Laurie, I have installed 2.15.1 like many others.  Install went fine except as noted below, but I read about the sound issues some are experiencing.  I’ve not used sound alerts but was curious if I had the same issue.  The “Test Sounds” works fine here and the .wav sounds the same through a media player as through JTAlert.


But, I was like a kid in a candy store and listened to the various state .wav files.  They all sound fine with the exception of Michigan (which is my QTH).  So, I re-downloaded and re-installed Sounds v2.5.1, female voice.  Didn’t fix it.  So, I re-installed male voice and of all things, Michigan is still female voice and very difficult to understand.  All of the other states sound very clear with female or male voice.  Running Win 10 Pro 1903 Build 18362.418 on very moderate core 2 duo hardware.


The only other thing I noticed was I was expecting 2.15.1 to also install Callsign Database 2019.11.07 per the release notes. I had been running 2019.10.24 and that didn’t change.  Manually downloaded and installed 2019.11.07 and all is fine.


Both very small issues.  JTAlert is terrific!


73 es tnx - Tom