locked New JTAlert 2.14.4 available. #Announcement #NewRelease

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The Latest JTAlert version 2.14.4 is now available @

Important: If you installed 2.14.4 prior to this announcement, please download again and rerun the setup. If your unsure if you have the correct 2.14.4 build installed, check the JTAlert Help -> About, the correct build is 0001.

In this release JTAlertX has been renamed JTAlert (without the "X") and icons have been changed from the red & blue "X" (for WSJT-X & JTDX) to the musical symbol as used when JTAlert was first released 8 years ago. See the release notes below for a full list of changes and fixes.

As usual both JTAlert installers have been run through VirusTotal. has the links to the full analysis results. Both files produced the same two false-positives. The GData warning is simply due to JTAlert being created using the AutoIT script compiler and the Trapmine warning is a machine-learning (ml) warning which is similar to the reputation type warnings seen in the past from Norton (low installed user-base). Both are false-positives, neither identifying a know infection.


    JTAlert Alternate Build

The Release Notes...
  New Features:
    - Decodes History CQ direction filtering via a right-click context menu on
       the direction word (in the CQ column).
    - The Callsign database is no longer optional for JTAlert, as such it is now
       included in with the JTAlert installer program. The database version
       included with the JTAlert installer will be current at the time of the
       installer release. Users who want to keep the database current should
       continue to run the separate Callsign database installer between JTAlert

    - "JTAlertX" title name changed to "JTAlert"
    - JTAlert window icon changed to the Red musical note (previously Red "X")
       when working with WSJT-X.
    - JTAlert window icon changed to the Blue musical note (previously Blue "X")
       when working with JTDX.
    - "Decodes History V3" window name changed to "Decodes".
    - Updated sqlite3.dll file to latest general release version (
    - JTAlert Installer now automatically displays the Release Notes at the end
       of the Install unless checkbox is un-checked.

    - WSJT-X UDP rebroadcast not being actioned for invalid UDP messages (invalid
       magic number in header or unsupported schema) and UDP decode messages
       where the decode is flagged "off-air".
    - Not responding to a "WM_CLOSE" Windows message sent by 3rd party applications.

de Laurie VK3AMA