locked JTAlert scan of DXKeeper log running forever #DXLAB - RESOLVED #DXLAB

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 17/03/2019 4:24 pm, Joseph Barger wrote:
I followed you suggestion and moved my log file to a different folder (on a different drive and non-dropbox) and all appears to be well.  I don't know what happened between versions since it worked fine before, but between forced Win 10 and virus scanner configuration changes I suspect something that may have had something to do with it.

Thanks again for your prompt response and insightful advice.

Joe N6KK

Good to hear.

I don't have an explanation, just real-world experience. Your lucky I saw the reference to DropBox in your JTAlert session data. Which triggered me to make the move it off DropBox suggestion. Otherwise we would still be scratching our heads ;-)

I have a 1TB DropBox account and sync a ton of stuff to it without problem. BUT it does affect some applications for some unknown reason. I was getting heaps of errors using DropBox with all my Thunderbird email, it screwed things up badly with my multiple accounts and numerous folder structure, I was getting lots of duplicated messages. Moved syncing of Thunderbird data over to OneDrive and all is well. Personally I am not a fan of OneDrive, but its a free account so I shouldn't complain. As for DXKeeper, on my Test Development machine I have a Test DXKeeper Log on DropBox and routinely DXKeeper complains when I start it that the log cannot be found, despite me having a Windows File Explorer window open to the DropBox folder and I can see the file!

de Laurie VK3AMA