locked Logging to DXKeeper stopped working on upgrade of WSJT-x and JTAlert #DXLAB

Wayne Carlson

I had upgraded to WSJT-X v1.9.1 to use Fox and Hound mode (plus to catch up anyway).  I also upgraded JTAlert to 2.12.2.

I noticed that my logging to DXKeeper which had been working since it was initially implemented was turned off when Baker Island didn't show in my DXKeeper log.   I tried to enable but it would not "stick" in JTAlert.  I tried upgrading DXKeeper to 14.5.7 but that didn't fix the issue.  I don't remember what my previous version of DXKeeper was.

On JTAlert I do the following:
DXLab DXKeeper
Check the "Enable DXLab DXKeeper Logging" box and the two for online logs
I verified the log file exists where this screen says it should be.

Everything seemed fine before I upgraded WSJT-X and JTAlert.

Tnx & 73, 
Wayne K2DT

Wayne Carlson

I should have mentioned the symptom.... JTAlertX says "NO Log" after I try to enable DXKeeper logging.

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 23/07/2018 4:31 AM, Wayne Carlson wrote:
I should have mentioned the symptom.... JTAlertX says "NO Log" after I try to enable DXKeeper logging.

What you describe indicates you have a corrupt JTAlert config file.

JTAlert maintains backups of the config.sqlite file (up to 7 days worth) so you should be able to recover by restoring one of the backups.
Do the following...
  1. Stop JTAlert
  2. Use Windows Explorer and navigate to the following directory...
  3. You will see several files with a utc data/time as part of the filename. These are the backups and the data/time was when they were created.
  4. Delete the config.sqlite file.
  5. Rename one of the backup files to config.sqlite, choose a file that was created prior to you experiencing the Settings save problem.
  6. Start JTAlert and open the Settings and make a simple change.
  7. Close the Settings and JTAlert.
  8. Start JTAlert and open the Settings and check if the change made in step 6 is still set.
  9. If the change wasn't remembered, repeat steps 4 to 8, using an older backup.
  10. If none of the backups correct the problem, then the only option is to delete the config.sqlite file and start JTAlert without that file. It will be automatically created and you will need to re-enter your Settings and run a Scan Log to update your Wanted Lists.
de Laurie VK3AMA

Wayne Carlson

Thanks, Laurie.  I was off the air for so long there were no useful backups (only one and it was from today!).   I started over and it looks to be working now.
73 de K2DT