Tampa, FL February 29, 2012: HRD Software, LLC announced today they have released version 5.11a of Ham Radio Deluxe.

This latest version follows the release of version 5.1 on Feb 10, 2012 and is another step in the continuing project of the company to eliminate outstanding issues found in previous versions of HRD. Rick Ruhl, W4PC, co-owner and lead programmer said, "We’ll continue to update the 5.1x releases with "bug fixes" as the development of enhancements for the 6.0 release continues.

To facilitate both bug fixes and enhancements to Ham Radio Deluxe, the development team is to moving the program source code from the obsolete Visual C++ 6.0 development environment to current Visual Studio 2010 development environment. This major step enables a more straightforward, bug-free development process and better program integration using the more powerful VS 2010 and its support tools for enhancements to HRD."

The 5.x releases of HRD are free. HRD Software LLC does have direct paid support with phone and email for the 5.1x products for an introductory price of $59.95. This pricing plan includes version 6.0 at no additional charge. The introductory price expires upon release of Ham Radio Deluxe 6.0.

The scheduled release of Ham Radio Deluxe 6.0 is May 18, 2012 at the Dayton Hamvention and on line. The MSRP for Ham Radio Deluxe 6.0 with support will be $79.95 when it is released.

HRD Downloads: http://www.ham-radio-deluxe.com

HRD Forum: http://forums.hrdsoftwarellc.com