locked Re: Help Needed to produce an accurate HRD Country Name list.

Jim - N4ST


I sent you the HRD Country List as a private email.
I count 402 entries.

Jim – N4ST

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Subject: [HamApps] Help Needed to produce an accurate HRD Country Name list.

I need help in producing an accurate Country Name list for HRDLogbook.

To workaround the HRDLogbook defect of removing the DXCC and Country Name
when modifying QSOs, JTAlert needs to send the Country Name when logging a
QSO and that Country Name needs to match the Name hard-coded within

I have a spreadsheet of all Country Names produced from the official ARRL
DXCC Entities List

Despite the claims of HRDLLC that HRDLogbook uses the ARRL list (quote by
Rick Ruhl... please use the ARRL DXCC strings when sending the country to
HRD and all will be well.) There are numerous examples in the ARRL list that
don't match the strings coded with HRDLogbook.

A quick test reveals the following ARRL Names result in the HRDLogbook
blanking of the Country Name and removing the DXCC number when the QSO is
Christmas I.
Democratic Republic of the Congo
E. Kiribati  
W. Kiribati
Clearly, The internal HRDLogbook list doesn't match the Official ARRL list
as claimed.

If someone is prepared to edit the spreadsheet, checking the spelling of
each entry (there are 340) against the Country Name of HRDLogbook, please
let me know. Alternatively, if someone from HRDLLC could provide the list
that they use for HRDLogbook, that would be even better.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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