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Jim - N4ST

What I am seeing with JT-AlertX 2.6.20 and the HRD is that the country is initially populated in the HRD Logbook, but if any manual update is performed on that QSO, the country field will become blank.

This is typical if the country name does not exactly match what HRD is expecting. Don't know if that is the cause, but in previous versions, for instance, Germany would always be blanked after a manual update of a JT-AlertX entered QSO.

Jim - N4ST

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Laurie, I can't see the picture here, that you posted.
The country name just isn't transmitted to HRDLog.
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Are you viewing the messages via the web rather than the via email.

Yahoo messages with pictures will either display in the email message and not on the web or will display on the web and not in emails. That is configured by the Group settings. This Group is set to display the images in the email messages as the vast majority of members receive the messages via email.

I have included the image as an attachment. Do you get it now?

de Laurie VK3AMA

Posted by: "Laurie, VK3AMA" <vk3ama.ham.apps@gmail.com>

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