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Dave Corio

    Thanks, Laurie! It did happen again under the same circumstances, so it is repeatable. Will look for it again and send the report.

    When I say "Erase", I'm referring to the Erase command, directly beneath the reception window. This clears the right side pane. I also move the reception cursor to the far left of the waterfall to avoid errant reception.

Tnx es 73

Dave 'Doc' Corio
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In 2.6.13 I have been unable to find the "Contact Support" option!

This problem, however, is timing of contacts going into the Log (DXKeeper in this case). Here's the chronology:

20:18 Station NxABC calls CQ

20:19 I answer his CQ with a call

20:20 He calls a different station (heard them instead of me)

at this point I "Erased" the call from WSJT-X

20:33 NxABC calls CQ once again

20:34 I answer his CQ with a call

At this point, the QSO proceeds as normal, ending at 20:38, at which time I logged the contact via the prompt from JTAlert. The log entry in DXKeeper, however, shows the original time of 20:19, creating a discrepancy between our two stations regarding LoTW and EQSL.

Tnx es 73




Sorry I didn't see this message earlier, I would have liked to have examined your session file. Too late now as only 24 hours of data is retained.

Erasing the DX Call will trigger JTAlert to remove the Callsign and any Log data it has setup in anticipation of a QSO, including the start time.
If you erased the Callsign and the time didn't get cleared, that suggests a defect.

If you observe this behaviour again, Please use the "? -> Contact Support" menu, on the JTAlert title-bar, to send me your Configuration and Session files for analysis.   

de Laurie VK3AMA

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