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Anton Iriawan

pse try Time-Sync



Anton - YB5QZ


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Just adding my 2 cents here............


I found on my Win 7 systems that I needed to run D4 as administrator.  Otherwise the system sometimes would not accept the time correction from D4


John - WA2HIP



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I am running Windows 10 Pro with Dimension 4.  D4 does not disable the connection to Windows Time Server, at least not on my machines (I have 2 computers running D4).  After reading the thread this morning I checked and Windows Time Sync was still running.  After I turned it off Windows 10 Pro stated that it was not enabled. 


I have not checked this out on Windows 8.1, 8.0 or 7 so I can’t speak about that.  Your findings may be different.  Dimension 4 is working fine here.  I have my time sync set for every 5 minutes.  That may be a little aggressive but so far there has not been an issue. Since using D4 I have stopped getting notices to “set my clock” when running JT65 or JT9.


Pat – WA5DVV




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I do believe Dimension 4 disables the windows time service itself.

So you should see that it's already disabled.




Mike W9MDB



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