locked Re: [Ham-Apps] Database issue

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups03@...>

Hi Ron,

This should not happen.
If your HRD log is a MSAccess .mdb file and you still have the log that
was causing the error, please email it direct to me so I can
troubleshoot what is happening.

Until the cause is found I suggest you make a backup of your log before
trying to use the JT-Alert logging.

At this point it is unclear why that error is generated. I have been
logging to HRD Access, MySQL and MSSQL logs on a local PC and over a network to remote machines during tests and haven't seen this error. It
might be specific to your log and I will need to look at it. I will
walk-through the HRD components of my code today.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 18-October-2011 04:40, va7hz wrote:
Hi Laurie and the group, the issue I'm having is abit different from some of the others. First let me say I have latest versions of JT65-HF and JT-Alert Everything except the logging to HRD is working. When I would log a QSO it would write to the JT65_log.adi file and thats it no error message, no confirmation. So I moved the log file to the C:&#92;Temp&#92; directory and yes had the &#92; fix done previously. Now I get the confirmation that QSO was logged, but
here is where things go downhill I go and refresh my HRD log to see it and all my qso's in the log disappear. and this is the error message I get

10:19:22 Reload Error: Getting 2987 records -
10:19:22 Reload Error: Invalid character value for cast specification on column number 23 (COL_DXCC)
10:19:22 Reload Loaded 0/2987 records in 141 miliseconds, 0.0 records per second

Any ideas? Only way to get my log back is to recreate from backup

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