locked Re: Hot Microphone

Jim - N4ST

I hear this all the time on the digital bands. Occurs with other rigs
beside the Omni VII.
Room noise, people talking, TV/radio playing in the background, etc. because
of a hot mike while transmitting digital.
Sure wish Ten-Tec could make a firmware patch to make the Mike/Line
selection easier to access since I do it so frequently.

Jim - N4ST

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I don't if anybody else's rig is like this…but I just discovered that the
TenTec 708 microphone on my TenTec Omni VII was hot during digital
I noticed the power meter jump up during loud noises and found out the
microphone is always on.
So one has to either reducing mic gain to zero or turn off the mic from the
menu to avoid mic noise on the transmitted signal.
TenTec said the mic isn't connected through the mic switch as it might get
RF on it.
I thought others might want to check their setups to see if this is a common
Mike W9MDB

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