locked Re: [Ham-Apps] Error message after saving to DXKeeper

David Westbrook

Laurie -- looks like missing quote around the JT65 string value ...
Are those single quotes (as opposed to something different than the string literal quoting) around the column names correct? 
What's the purpose of the exact frequency match in there (as opposed to band match)?

(and is this even jt-alert generated sql, or something DXK's doing?)


On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 11:54 AM, ON2AD <on2ad@...> wrote:

Hello Laurie, VK3AMA

After saving QSO I become three error messages:

here the 2 (same) error message:

1. Sorry, there appears to be an error!
err.description is : Syntaxisfout (komma) in query-expressie ('Mode'= JT65') AND ('Freq'=14,07658) AND ('QSO_Begin'=CDate('2011/10/17 14:09:00'))AND('Call'='IZ5TIZ').
err.number is: 80020009
err.lastsllerror is: 0
err.scriptline is: -1
err.source is: Microsoft JET Database Engine
err.helpfile is:
err.helpcontext is: 5003000

I become this message two times and then the third message is:

JT-Alert QSO log - DXKeeper (in the heading)

(Red cross) FAILURE: QSO Not logged!
The QSO Data: Callsign: IZ5TIZ - Mode JT65 - Frequency: 14,07658
Note: The QSO is still saved to the JT65-HF Log File.

But the good news is that that QSO is saved in DXKeeper
Only I become those three erro
I use Win7 Professional 64 Bits

Hope you can solve this problem Laurie

73 de Pat ON2AD

PS: sorry for my bad English and type errors

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