locked Re: New - JTAlert 2.6.3 available

Jim - N4ST

Chrome gave me dire warnings about the Hamapps web page and Internet
Explorer gave me a warning about 2.6.3 when I downloaded it.
Never seen those warnings before.
My virus checker said 2.6.3 was just fine, so not sure why the browsers were
so paranoid. ???

Jim - N4ST

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Interesting Laurie.  I normally use Chrome.  This time I got dire malware
warnings from Chrome when I tried to download the new 2.6.3 version.  Then
Chrome blocked the download.  No option, just blocked.  Fortunately Firefox
does not exhibit this behavior, so I have successfully downloaded 2.6.3 and
installed it and its up and running.  My normally very vigilant and up to
date NOD32 antivirus didn’t mind at all.
I wonder when Chrome made the decision that I was such a dunce that they had
to be big brother and take care of me.  Mega-sigh.
Dan Malcolm CFI/II
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Subject: [HamApps] New - JTAlert 2.6.3 available
JTAlert 2.6.3 is available for download.
Virus Scan results provided at end of this email.
Please review the release notes below.
JTAlert Download :
de Laurie VK3AMA
From the Release Notes...
  New Features:
    - Option to upload newly logged QSOs to HamQTH.com Logbook.
       (Default: OFF, Window: Settings, Section: Web Services, Online

    - HRD logging settings now has an option to set if a HRD V5 log.
    - HRD in title bar now shows HRD Version, "HRD5" or "HRD6".
    - TCPTest.exe no longer included in Setup executable.
       (available for direct download from HamApps.com)

    - Line 28071 errors after decode due to non-default Alert Priorities.
       (Error dependent on decode message type and user configuration)
    - Keyword alert not working if keyword list has only one entry.
    - Subscript errors during Log Scan due to malformed Callsigns.

Virus Scan Results


www.virustotal.com : passed by 57 scan engines. Results

 File Information:
  Size:    5.0 MB (5261871 bytes)
  MD5:     59df25e36d303a435915704ea982a66f

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