locked Re: : Minor Logging Bug in v2.6.2

Jim - N4ST

If you enable eQSL logging in JTAlert, it does so directly and independent of your other electronic logbook.
In your case, HRD is unaware that the QSO has been sent to eQSL.

Jim - N4ST

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Thanks Laurie,
I just discovered another minor issue related to HRD v5. when I enable the automatic upload to eQSL.cc in JTAlert Settings / Web Services / Online Logbooks. The QSL data is sent to the eQSL server, as expected, but the HRD Logbook field "eQSL sent" does not change from No to Yes and the eQSL Sent Date field remains empty. I haven't been using this automatic upload option because my internet access isn't 100% reliable, but I was curious to see how this feature worked. I enabled the automatic eQSL upload, logged a new contact, then checked my HRD logbook and saw that eQSL had apparently not been sent. However, when I manually uploaded to eQSL I received a bad record (duplicate) alert. The data had been sent, but I couldn't tell that by examining my HRD log.
Again, this is a rather inconsequential issue, but I know you won't be happy until JTAlert has reached a state of absolute perfection. I can't thank you enough for inhuman dedication to this amazing software!

73 de Gary AC6EG

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