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Jerry Taylor

This is going to be an option correct and not a full functional change to how B4's are handled?  

If I've worked John WA3CAS on 20m, but now operating on 40m and see him calling CQ I only want to see him as B4 if I've worked him on 40m. Unless it is flagged or displayed in such a way that tells me I've worked him on another band but not the band I'm currently tuned to.  

I know some ops take issue with answering their CQ if they've already been worked. I'm not 100% sure of what drives this behavior, but do respect their decisions.  But I wouldn't think this would apply to a band not worked before. 


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Hi Laurie,

That's exactly what I want to see happen. I want to see "B4" appear next to the call no matter what band I worked him on. I swear that feature was already available in v1.4.1. For me, it would be a welcomed addition to v1.5.

Thanks for all your hard work.

John (WA3CAS)

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