locked JTAlert, WSJT-X and Ham Radio Deluxe logging

Maximo Barawid Jr.

I am currently using the JT65-HF HB9HQX Edition and Ham Radio Deluxe logging program.  I read that the WSJT-X is better than the latter in terms of sensitivity and easier to use.  So I have installed both WSJT-X and JTAlert, configured both as per some tutorials available online.  Also configured JTAlert to use HRD 5/6 logging program.  But I have a couple of question which are:

1.  When I receive decoded transmissions and some of the callsigns were already in my HRD logbook, it is not showing that I had already QSO B4.  I need to know if I already had QSO with someone calling me.

2.  Should Ham Radio Deluxe be running in the background?  I tried that too but it gives me error because CAT port is being used by WSJT-X.

Any help is highly appreciated.


de Max DV2UXH

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