locked Re: : RE: JTAlert 2.6.2 taken out by avast


Hi Charlie

I was just about to post solution when I read your message  thank  you, infact that was my conclusion only thing was to do some backrground searches  on how to get Avast not to exclude JTAlert

Not easy when your program is in French  and all info on Internet is in English  and tab names do not match  anyway found it and put JTAlert as exclusion  restart all  and now OK.

Thanks for the input on TCPTest  in fact Avast kept the TCPTest in the folder but  deleted the Stup.exe

Up and running  and will look at WSJIT_x1.5  now

Many thanks for your quick response  GL GDX 73 Jacques

PS was G1BTU back in 80  my  Elmer G3ORC

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