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I have been using the programs for 7 months now and it has helped me get back on low bands after many years of being away. Thank you for all the hard work on these programs.
I know someone out there has the answer.  I downloaded a nice cleanup utility (Comodo) but after it did it's job, it really did it's job on the JT65-HF program.
I believe it erased some files necessary to do the logging to the HRD program. Not sure.
The JT65-HF program starts and runs, the JT-Alert starts also (I wish it would start when JT65-HF starts).
The problem cropped up yesterday after working a few contacts. I would click LOG QSO, the menu would pop up, I click OK and it goes away, saying it logged it.
I go over to the logbook (HRD) and it is not there. Yes, I did a refresh several times. It never shows up.
It did work before but not now.
I am using ver 1.09 for JT65-HF and 1.60 for the Alert. HRD is ver 5.11a 3209.
I don't know where the problem lies or I would attempt a fix. 
Help ?
Tim, KB3TC

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