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Laurie, VK3AMA <groups03@...>

Hi Ken,

The numbers for each band,  are the number of unique spotting callsigns for the band. 120 in your 20M example is 120 callsigns. This data is updated every minute on the HamSpots server and is a count of unique active spotters over a 5 minute period.

It is NOT a count of new spots.

HamSpots will not show the spots from those 120 spotting callsigns, as most will be for the same transmitting callsign. If the are many spots for the same callsign, HamSpots hides all dupes except for at least one spot from each of the different Continents. So you may actually see 4 spots for the one callsign, same band and time, which at first glance would suggest that 3 are dupes, when in fact on closer examination, each of the spotting callsigns will be from a different Continent. It is done this way, so that users on HamSpots who have Continent filtering enabled, will not miss spots which would happen if only one spot was allowed without regard for Spotters Continent.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 08-March-2012 03:27, Ken wrote:
Please forgive me if this should be obvious…  The call sign spotting display in JT-Alert is interesting and I'm curious about the "units".  When it states 120 for the 20m band that must be 120 new spots since some point in time?  I looked at HamSpots.net but could determine the answer there.  I know the data in JT-Alert is updated every few minutes, but I don't think it could possibly be new spots since the last update… (?).  

I have a marginal JT65 station here.  This morning I've only seen one (-21 dB) station on 20m in about 30 min, but the spotting display shows "120" for 20m.  I'm sure the 120 is a world-wide number, but I still find it hard to reconcile with my observations. 

Can anyone please point me at more information regarding this?  Thanks! 

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