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Methinks you can blame the lack of signals on an X-6 class flare.
All will be better shortly......hopefully!  :c  )

Rick w3BI


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Please forgive me if this should be obvious… The call sign spotting display in JT-Alert is interesting and I'm curious about the "units". When it states 120 for the 20m band that must be 120 new spots since some point in time? I looked at HamSpots.net but could determine the answer there. I know the data in JT-Alert is updated every few minutes, but I don't think it could possibly be new spots since the last update… (?).

I have a marginal JT65 station here. This morning I've only seen one (-21 dB) station on 20m in about 30 min, but the spotting display shows "120" for 20m. I'm sure the 120 is a world-wide number, but I still find it hard to reconcile with my observations.

Can anyone please point me at more information regarding this? Thanks!


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