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I am using JTAlert 2.4.20.  Several months ago I took the time to identify my wanted DXCC and States so I could use the color coding feature to quickly identify the needed stations.

I went into JTAlert to updated the wanted DXCC list for a recent confirmation.  I was surprised to see the wanted DXCC and States for all bands have been "erased". 

Is there I separate file that contains this data so I can copy it from my backups and place it in the proper folder, whatever that may be.  What files contain the wanted DXCC and States data?

I hope it does not require a reload of each bands for the states and DXCC.  This is not what I wanted to see at 5:00 am on a Saturday morning.



JTAlert will not erase your wanted lists.

How are you tracking DXCCs, by mode or any mode? Perhaps you had populated the lists for JT65 and are viewing the JT9 lists within the Settings window. You may have accidentally changed the method of tracking the DXCCs and are seeing a different internal needs list. There are several variations of the needs list maintained, by individual mode (JT65 or JT9), any digital mode and any mode, and these can be band dependent as well.

Another possibility is that your changed from running against JT65-HF (and its variants) to running against WSJT-X. The configuration for WSJT-X is separate from that for JT65-HF and the settings are not copied across.

I can have a look at your config file to see if indeed the wanted list(s) has been erased. Please use the "Settings -> Contact Support" menu to send me your Configuration for analysis.   

If indeed your lists are gone, (again very unlikely and I have never seen this happen and there have been no reports), an easy way to repopulate them, since you don't appear to be using JTAlert logging, is to do an ADIF export from your logger, then temporarily set JTAlert to use ADIF logging using that adif export. You can then do a Log Scan to automatically update the wanted lists. After that has been done, you can turn off the ADIF logging.

As a first step, send me your files to see what may be happening.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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