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Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2015 8:27 AM
Subject: Re: [HamApps] Pirates galore
Hello Buddy,
You might as well get use to the the intruder.  The station is a Mexican CB HF’er.
I live 10 miles north of the border in Arizona and hear CB HF’ers  all the time.
Sometime it sounds like CB channel 19 on a Saturday night in the 70’S
Not much you can do
about it. Contact the Mexican version of our FCC and complain. (LOL)
Need bribe
if you want action.
73 Gary WB6BNE SE Arizona

   What bugs me more is the illegal station on 28.077 that bangs in here every day.  I try to work JT-65 and hear the music, echo mikes, talking, noise makers, etc, and it's the very same guy all the time. I don't speak Spanish so can't say exactly where it is or what type of station it is.  The guy is an intruder plain and simple.

73 Buddy WB4M

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