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David Westbrook

Did you verify the time in the "Log QSO" window in JT65-HF?

I occasionally see the wrong start time  pre-populated in there ..  I think (working from memory here) that this scenario reproduces it:
  at 14:00, dbl-click on a "CQ" message to work someone
  take a break, leaving the prrogram on
  come back at 16:00 (e.g. when JT-Alert sounds a wanted state)..
  See the wanted call in a QSO, and dbl-click it.. ==> but dbl-click a cq-answer, report, or 73 msg .. NOT a CQ.
     and then change DF, and wait for him to finish QSO.
     then call him and work him.

In that case i think i see the old start_time ...  so I always glance at the start/end times in the "Log QSO" window.


On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 8:53 AM, signal <signalhz@...> wrote:

Hi Laurie,

I don't know if it''s JT-Alert or JT65-HF or HRD Logbook logging wrong time. It has happened twice this morning. It logs the correct day and reports and call signs. The time logged was off a couple of hours. Has any one else seen this happen?


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