locked Re: JTAlert 2.5.0 Not Working with WSJT-X v1.4.0-rc3

Jim - N4ST


Did you read the previous post/solution to this same problem?

Jim - N4ST

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It appears that JTAlert 2.5.0 is not working here with WSJT-X v1.4.0-rc3

Version 2.4.20 works, but when I install 2.5.0 there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that shows in the JTAlert callsign boxes.

I have uninstalled, gone back to 2.4.20 and it works there. But installing 2.5.0 and again there is nothing in the JTAlert.

I have for now gone back to the previous version of JTAlert (2.4.20).

Maybe I am missing something here

John - WA2HIP

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