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Laurie, VK3AMA <groups03@...>

Hi Costas,

The only important file to save is the config.ini file. The .001, .002, etc, files are just previous versions of the config.ini file. Everytime JT-Alert is closed, the current config.ini is saved to config.001 and the current in memory configuration is saved to config.ini ready for the next start of JT-Alert. This is part of a config backup and restore function that I initially developed, but never enabled. I will have another look at the code and may have it enabled for the next release.

Currently, JT-Macros settings are saved in the Windows registry. I have plans to move those settings to a file based system similar to JT-Alert, but it is not high on my priority list.

Laurie, VK3AMA

On 08-February-2012 20:41, Κωστας wrote:
Hello Laurie
First i would like to thank you for the great plugins you give as.
It was my dream to check out my new ones and stop making double qsos all the time!!
One question and propose. If i want to make a complete setting backup, the config.ini is enough on "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Ham-Apps\JT-Alert\SV4FFL\configs" folder? What about the other files? (config.001,config.002, etc)
Do you beleive that will be a good feature for someone to just click "save config" button? Also the same feature on JT Macros will be fine!!
73 and keep up the great job!!

Costas J. Dovas
Loc: KM19li
e-mail: sv4ffl@...
web: http://www.qsl.net/sv4ffl

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