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Ed Wilson

I had a similar problem when I first installed this new version. I restarted the computer and all is well (so far).
Ed, K0KC

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Laurie I haven't been abke to get into the settings of JTAlert to change anyting. JTAlert opens but seems to be frozen as soon as it opens. Decodes don't show in the alert windows, etc...

What to do to get it to work?

73 Eddy N4ABN

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For the first time since installing this I opened up a QSO History on a call.  I couldn't close the history popup.  Everything still works.  I can click another QSO history and it will change the popup…but still can't close it.  I hadn't been running very long.
Restarted it and it is behaving OK at the moment.  So I'm not sure the sequence of events that led to this.  I was just doing some routine QSOs….I don't think I even touched JTAlert except to do a scan log and update.
So I popped up the window several times…no problems….then opened up scan log and update, closed it, and now I can't close the QSO history popup again.  So it appears to be related to opening up the scan log and update.
I'm running Windows Technical Preview build 9879 if that matters….bleeding edge and all…
Mike W9MDB
Tnx Mike,

I can confirm this is a defect. I have been able to reproduce here on my Win7 development PC.
I'll post a fix once I determine the cause.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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