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What you say to do is what I did. I want one logbook, with everything in it (my KN3A call was associated with my previous QTH). What Laurie is going to do is exactly what I was hoping he would be able to. I don't want to have to look in 2 logs to see if I've worked someone.


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In HRD log book you can filter them the way your talking about. Set the filter for your grid square at the location you are at now and if you had a different call sign at the other location set the grid and call sign you want. HRD will show you only those qso's. Then export that to your desktop or folder of your choice. Then Tell JT-Alert to look in that folder for your log. I think you have to tell JT-Alert to look at a AIDF file also.


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I have a situation where I moved to a new QTH two years ago so my WAS I was working on for different modes was not valid at the new place. So, for example, I have Alaska confirmed from the old QTH on 160 meters, however it's not confirmed on 160 meters from my new QTH. When I scan the JT Alerts, it picks it up as confirmed. This is just one example. Is it easy enough to add a date filter? What I ended up having to do was removing all my QSO's pre-March 2009 from HRD Logbook to get it to work for me. I would like to be able to keep the entire logbook though for looking up old QSO's with different hams I've worked in the past.



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