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My two-cents worth here, I guess:

Some ops won't do LoTW just because they require you to send a copy of your license or prove you are who you say your are.  Others won't do eQSL because they DON'T have the security of LoTW.  All in all, it is two sides of the same coin.

Ultimately, the willingness to QSL is up to each individual op, as is the method they choose to QSL.  Some ops don't want to QSL at all, others don't want paper, others want only direct mail, some only use electronic means, others only use the Bureau, others only LoTW or only eQSL, etc. None of these positions are wrong and it is up to each operator to decide what is best for themselves.

Personally, I found the burden in applying for LoTW or eQSL minimal in return for the benefits.  Additionally, I will QSL using whatever method works for the other station. Paper is great, electronic is just fine too. I will even pay postage (both ways!) for a DX station that wants to send me a card.  All in all, I want to support the hobby and ALL who want to QSL; no matter how they may want to do it.  Ultimately, I view it as a service to those who take the time to have a QSO with me.  I try to make it as painless as possible for the other operator.

Perhaps Don, you could look at the effort to do LoTW as a small contribution to all of the ops that would love to QSL you using that system.  However, ultimately it is your decision to send (or not to send) QSLs however you feel best, and I personally think that no one should give you any grief about it. 



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On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 1:02 PM, Don Leitch <don@...> wrote:

I emailed my eqsl licence for AG  thats enough for them  30 meter digital group has an email record

But lotw wants me to scan the same I emailed  and send it by snail mail as if I am somehow going to falsify via email .

So yes pompos  and time to get the old farts out and catch up the real world we buy and exchange goods via email why not LOTW .

If that makes me childish well so be it. Many others obviously feel the same.

Don zl1atb




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Sorry, I just can't let this one go by....
 It's pompous hunh?? What is your attitude if not the same?  You are being childish. Unfortunately,  you are not the first DX station I have run into will this attitude either. I submit to both eqsl and LOTW but let's be honest, eqsl awards are second class compared to the ARRL and CQ  award programs. I don't think there is much in the hobby that infuriates me more than getting an eqsl confirmation from a needed state or international entity, yet that same station won't confirm via LOTW.  It's petty and ridiculous!
Michael, W4HIJ

On 2/2/2012 9:46 PM, Don Leitch wrote:


Hi Don   from another Don  

 For us here in ZL we have to  send by snail mail a copy of our licence to LOTW  before they accept we are legit, they   won’t accept an email one  .

That’s pompous . I wont even bother with them . Thats why I use eqsl.


Don zl1atb

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Hi Scott,


I have over 2000 QSO's entered in LOTW and less than 600 have confirmed back.  So the reply rate for me is less than 30%.  So I guess you are contacting a different group than I am :-)


I am not complaining just stating the facts as they are for me.


EQSL.cc has a much better hit rate. 


I have no idea why this is other than it is what it is.









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