locked Re: [Ham-Apps] Wrkd states

David Westbrook

On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 9:52 PM, Ron Settle <settleron@...> wrote:

In the mean time I continue to upload to every web based log book out there as often as I can because someone somewhere is looking for QSO confirmation for some reason or another.

Ron -- I try to do the same ...  What's the list that you upload to?  Curious if there's ones i don't know about, that I could add my current list, which is:
  LOTW  -- regularly via DXKeeper
  eQSL -- regularly via DXKeeper
  ClubLog -- regularly via DXKeeper
  HRDLog.net -- infrequently (manual web upload)
  hamlog.eu -- i know it's out there, but haven't tried it yet. On my to-do list.
  qrz.com -- I don't currently manually review the qsl requests in the qrz logbook. Unfortunately, they don't let non-subscribers  donate their logs by adif upload. (i'd be happy to be ineligible for awards, but contribute matches to their subscription customers.) 

As to JT65 having a much higher lotw/eqsl rate, my guess would be that it's directly correlated to computer use & savvy ... which obviously is required*** for digital modes, but not for cw/ssb

***usually .. there's some nice new rigs out there that can do rtty & psk macros natively w/o PC or keyboard!  (or use cw as input and tx rtty/psk)


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