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Hi Don   from another Don  

 For us here in ZL we have to  send by snail mail a copy of our licence to LOTW  before they accept we are legit, they   won’t accept an email one  .

That’s pompous . I wont even bother with them . Thats why I use eqsl.


Don zl1atb

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Hi Scott,


I have over 2000 QSO's entered in LOTW and less than 600 have confirmed back.  So the reply rate for me is less than 30%.  So I guess you are contacting a different group than I am :-)


I am not complaining just stating the facts as they are for me.


EQSL.cc has a much better hit rate. 


I have no idea why this is other than it is what it is.







On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 8:23 PM, Scott L. wrote:


   I beg to differ about LoTW. I moved to EPA in 2009, and since September 2009 to today, I have confirmed on LoTW my JT65 WAS, Triple Play WAS, 40M WAS, 20M WAS, CW WAS, Phone WAS, Digital WAS, RTTY WAS, and only need 1 more for 80M WAS, 11 for 15M WAS and 8 more for 10M WAS. So, in less than 2 years I find it difficult to believe you haven't been able to achieve a single WAS on LoTW. It does take time and effort, and I only do ham radio from September to March and I'm done until fall. As N4ABN said, the K3UK LoTW sked page is a valuable source of finding LoTW QSO's.


73 Scott



On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 6:16 PM, < goldtr8@...> wrote:


There are many hams who dont use LOTW, if they did I would have WAS in several bands, but right now I have completed zero due to lack of QSL's.


That is the nature of LOTW.





On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 4:41 PM, airratt wrote:


    Hi Laurie,


According to JT Alert I have WAS on 20m. When I look at arrl's lotw they say I only have 47 states and need three more. I would like to reconcile both JT Alert and Arrl LotW. Any suggestions other then I need to find three more states to work and upload to LotW?





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