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Ron Settle <settleron@...>

OK thanks,


Norton Antivirus is giving a false positive.




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JT-Alert_Sounds_1.0.2_Setup.exe is virus free.

Results can be viewed here... http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult/64d73e69eba9875e22ef283f07f9970d4ac4de7b

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 03-February-2012 08:52, wm9q_il wrote:

JT alert sounds is now flagging as having a virus.  Tried to download it today.
--- In Ham-Apps@..., Ron Walters <rsw.walters@...> wrote:
The good news is effective Friday 1-20-12 the Avast update corrected
the problem.  Really missed JT65-Alert for two days.
73 de
On 1/18/12, Damien FORESTIER  wrote:
Yes I have the same issue using Avast...
The only way for the moment is to desactivate temporary Avast's
permanent checking....
I hope they will erase from the Rootkit list.
73 - Damien F5RRS
2012/1/18 w4lde :
Until today's update from Avast I ran alert ver 1.5.9 without any
problems, however, now the anti-virus program states that JT65-Alaert EXE
contains a virus called WIN32:Rootkit-Gen which is real and somewhat
I believe that it is a false positive and have sent the file to Avast for
their feedback, however, unfortunately I can not run 1.5.9 and had to
revert back to 1.5.6
Anyone else experience a virus alert from either Avast or another
anti-virus program?
Love the program and now feel lost without 1.5.9 running hi hi.
73 de

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