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Michael Black

I had found that if I notched the main signal the lobes disappeared.  So it's my end.

I did a master reset on my radio so I'll see if that helps me.  I was seeing way too many of these side lobes that last week or so.

Mike W9MDB


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I see it from time to time with good propagation (and very strong signals),
but usually those side lobes are more than 20 dB down. This one is only 10
dB down and that’s bad, but it can be hard to tell if it’s generated on the
TX end or an overload on the receive end. The sidelobe is about 180 Hz off
from the main signal, the 3rd harmonic of 60 Hz.

Jim – N4ST

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Subject: [HamApps] Side lobes

Is anybody else seeing side lobes (multiple decodes) on signals lately?
All of a sudden I'm seeing them quite frequently on strong signals where I
didn't before.
For example just had this on 15M
1816 -1 0.5 271 # OE6ANG KK4TLG EM82
1816 -11 0.5 449 # OE6ANG KK4TLG EM82
Didn't pick up the lower side lobe as it would be off-scale.
I've seen up to 5 decodes on one message due to this (main plus 2 side lobes
each side).
Mike W9MDB

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