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Ed Wilson

Thanks for the suggestion, Doc. I will give it a try if I have time tomorrow.

I was not aware of "Hardened Mode", but I have not had to do much with Avast...it just runs silently in the background (until now).
Ed, K0KC

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    You could try setting Hardened Mode in Avast to "On" and setting it to "Aggressive". When Avast alerts on starting it, select "Create an Exclusion". From then on it should start okay.

    Yep, this is counter-intuitive to what you might think of doing, but it does work for me! Got the tip from the Avast forum for the very same problem.


On 7/23/2014 6:45 PM, Ed Wilson ed.wilson@... [HamApps] wrote:
I have been happily running JTAlert 2.4.20 for the past few days with no problems. Apparently with the latest Avast virus definition update, 2.4.20 now is said to contain a virus. Avast moves JTAlert.exe file to the Virus Chest and I no longer can run the application. I sent the file to Avast as a false positive, so perhaps they will update the virus definitions soon. My temporary work-around is to disable virus checking when I start JTAlert and then turn it back on. I tried setting JTAlert.exe as a global exclusion in Avast, but it still kept moving the .exe file to the Virus Chest.

I realize that it is an Avast issue, but if anyone has any suggestions for a better work-around, they would be much appreciated.
Ed, K0KC

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