locked JTAlert 2.4.20 and Avast

Ed Wilson

I have been happily running JTAlert 2.4.20 for the past few days with no problems. Apparently with the latest Avast virus definition update, 2.4.20 now is said to contain a virus. Avast moves JTAlert.exe file to the Virus Chest and I no longer can run the application. I sent the file to Avast as a false positive, so perhaps they will update the virus definitions soon. My temporary work-around is to disable virus checking when I start JTAlert and then turn it back on. I tried setting JTAlert.exe as a global exclusion in Avast, but it still kept moving the .exe file to the Virus Chest.

I realize that it is an Avast issue, but if anyone has any suggestions for a better work-around, they would be much appreciated.
Ed, K0KC

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