locked Re: Docking



2 Separate answers on 2 different computers
Both are running Win XP Pro SP2
Both running JT-65HF
Both running JT-Alert 1.5.8
Both programs running fine both tx and rx and alert
When I click on settings the menu pops up
When I click on configuration the menu disappears
JT-Alert-CFG.exe is present
When I run the JT-Alert-CFG.exe from explorer I get a 2 windows that pop up
Window 1 is Reading Settings Data Standby

New laptop is new install
I installed Alert 1.5.2 then ran it then
installed 1.5.8 over it and it runs fine
2nd window is behind the first one ad I cant read it or move either one

Old computer
Old install not sure about sequence but everything has been working for a while and upgraded several times
Alert is docked to JT65HF from an earlier install and held the settings
JT-Alert-CFG.exe is present
2nd window can be moved and it reads
Configutation program is not compatible with installed version of JT-Alert
Installed JT-alert version 0.0.0
Configuration version 1.5.8
Please reinstall JT-Alert
Configuration program will now exit

Thanks for the help

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