locked Re: [Ham-Apps] JT-Alert 1.5.9 available - MixW logging & bug-fixes


Hi Laurie...d/l and installed 1.5.9.....when i try to start it from the icon it is very slow....when it does start it starts 2-3 copies...kill all the copies and it will start by itself soon after killing
there has been another update to Wine 1.3 so im not sure if it is that that is causing the problem
1.5.8 is now also slow

73 David VK4BDJ

On 05/01/12 18:58, Laurie, VK3AMA wrote:

JT-Alert 1.5.9 is available for download from

Important: If using MixW logging. MixW must not be running.

From the release notes:
  New Features:
    - MixW logging & B4 checking (CSV format logs only).
    - WAS & DXCC update from Log Scan support for MixW.
    - Option to enable JT65-HF Multi Decoder after JT-Alert Halt TX activated.
    - Improved log scanning (WAS & DXCC) speed.
    - Random alerting on old decodes from previous minute.
    - False appearing beside callsign when no callsign databases selected.
    - Random fail to close some auto-start applications.
    - 1.5.8 startup crash for new installs or pre 1.5.x upgrades.

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de Laurie, VK3AMA

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