locked Re: Forefront Window (Was Re: Re: JTAlert 2.4.16 available...)

Jim - N4ST

I am seeing the same thing and I am using the current versions of all
Sometimes, JT-Alert does not come to the top, but if I quickly double click
WSJT-X in the task bar twice (once to diminish it and again to raise it to
the top), I get the JT-Alert window on top.
It’s like it never fails twice in a row.
I also notice there is an ever so slight hesitation in how WSJT-X, JTAlert-X
and JTMacros come to the top. Barely discernable, but there. In previous
versions they seemed to pop up simultaneously.
Looking at task manager, I don’t see any excessive CPU usage that would be
creating these delays.

Jim – N4ST

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Sorry I'm using JT-65 HF 1.093
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Tnx Joel,

I'll investigate further. Once I can reproduce this behaviour, I will be in
a better position to correct the defect.

Please, what version of WSJT-X are you using?

de Laurie VK3AMA

On 5/05/2014 8:56 AM, wu8y@arrl.net wrote:
Hi Laurie VK3AMA, when I click on the JTAlert icon in the taskbar, both
JTAlert and WSJT-X come to the forefront. I do have docking enabled, and
that functions if I, for example, resize the WSJT-X window.

73 de Joel WU8Y

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