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Jim - N4ST

If you are faithful in keeping your rig and WSJT-X manually on the same band, I guess it doesn't make a difference.
I like to be able to select the band at WSJT-X and have my rig follow my wanderings up and down the band (via HRD).
If you do accidentally operate with your rig and WSJT-X on different bands you will 1) log your contacts incorrectly and 2) become unpopular with those that follow hamspots. I have been sorely disappointed several times with mis-posted 6m openings. :-)

Jim – N4ST

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To all:

Yes I did have the polling set to 1 and then 2 but no go. HRD seems to have to be running to control the freq readout, at least on my system.

The bigger question I have is: Why bother to have freq control at all? I find that as long as I hit the arrow down and choose the correct band then all the alerts see to work ok. What advantage is there to see the actual rig freq?

Joel- N3GSE

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