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Jim - N4ST


JT-Alert is an extremely valuable add-on program.
It keeps track of stations worked before as well as states/DXCC wanted.
It also provides sound alerts for wanted states/grids/DXCC, etc. (thus the
original name).
Try it out at http://hamapps.com/

You might also want to consider WSJT-X as an alternative to JT65-HF as it
provides many more features and is under active development.
It also provides JT9-1, which while not as popular as JT65-HF, is a more
narrow-band protocol and theoretically provides slightly better weak signal
Get it at: http://www.physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/wsjtx.html

Jim – N4ST

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I am hearing a lot of chatter about JTAlert. I use JT65-HF on many
occasions. I am wondering how JTAlert works. Does it automatically work with
JT65-HF? Any help will be greatfully appreciated. 73.

Robert Allen

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