locked Re: Changing from JT65-HF to WSJT-X loging B4 problems?

Jim - N4ST

I assumed he was abandoning JT65-HF (as I did) for WSJT-X and wanted to keep
his B4 log for JT65 QSOs.
A separate B4 log is maintained for JT9 QSOs anyway.


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I'm NOT the Expert, so your mileage may vary; however, the question is, why
would you want to?  JT65-HF and JT-9 are two different modes.  It's not
exactly the same as CW and SSB, but if you had 700 worked in, say PSK31,
would you want to not work them again in, say RTTY or JT-9?

Just my 2 cents...



On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 12:17 PM, w7pp@att.net <w7pp@arrl.net> wrote:
Hello:  I have a feeling that this problem is ALL my newbie fault, but
I was running JT65-HF with an older version of JTAlert, this worked out
fine. The worked B4 and logging worked great.
Now because WSJT-X was found to decode MUCH better than JT65-HF was doing, I
would like to have the B4 info reflect the 700 or so contacts in my JT65-HF
Can someone list the steps to do that? Do I combine the logs, or do I have
to start over... I started with the built in ADIF logger as I use N1MM for
my regular day to day logging...

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