locked Re: JTMacros for WSJT-X request

Jim - N4ST

Put me down for a vote against this change, unless it is YAO. (Yet Another
The problem is, if you are using WSJT-X, as soon as the message is
activated, it becomes the transmitted message.
For example, if you activate a '73' message while sending your signal
report, the transmitted message immediately changes to '73'.
(Tab 1 & Tab 2 behave differently with respect to this).

Jim - N4ST

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Subject: [HamApps] JTMacros for WSJT-X request

Would it be possible in a future release of the subject program to not only
populate a message box when a macro is clicked,(currently message box 5) but
to activate that box as well,(by setting the green dot in the appropriate
'next' spot) like happens with the JT65 Macros ??


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