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I wish us luck, I have been wanting HI, MT and NV for many months - I suppose really, since October 2002 when I started as M3OIC :-) I worked HI  in a contest but not in log, NV was worked when I was operating GB4AFR so doesn't count for M0OIC. The station worked in MT used to come up as worked in all searches by JT-Alert and HRD, but sadly that was incorrect as his callsign lived in Delaware when we actually worked.

Many thanks to the 47 successful contacts for helping me on my way.

Also many thanks of course to our JT65, JT9 and JT-Alert etc programmers for they have helped with a fair number, also to HRD programmers for my RTTY, PSK etc contacts and keeping them safely logged.

My day will come, but if it was too easy would we bother?

73, Bryan M0OIC
RSARS 3867
QSL Bureau Manager

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If you want to shorten the QSO it can go something like >
1st stn sends report
2nd station sends R + report
1st station sends R & 73
I'm not really interested in grids on HF but do like states.
I still need NV, ID & WY and have done for well over a year since I restarted!

Roley G3VIR

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