locked Re: Clowns ( LIDS )

Jim - N4ST

Not sure about WSJT-X, but JT65-HF seemed to be more tolerant at decoding
someone who was late, than someone who was early. So, in that case if his
timing is off by more than 2 seconds or so and you can decode him, he
probably can ‘t decode you. BUT, if you can’t decode a signal that you see
transmitting early on the waterfall, take a crack ant sending CHK UR CLOCK.

Jim – N4ST

Despite my attempt to be humorous at 4 am this morning. (life's too short
not to have some fun).        I have seen the same decodes.    Were I to
answer  that  stream  and send  a   Check Your Clock message would that 
person (in this case in China)   been able to see that message?

Just curious.


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