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Hi Ross.....I quite often see this kind of thing happening with odd calls and also wrong grids..
after doing some searching i have noticed that the DT on the the decode line will be either 1.5 plus or -1.0 and below
this means that the calling station has a clock sequence problem
he is either starting too early hence the -1.0 or starting too late and shows 1.5
on 20m a good example is FK8HG ..he will start off at approx 0.6 and within a few minutes his sig start to show the DT climbing a few minutes ago he was showing 2.1
as he is close to my QTH he starts throwing up spurious decodes as he is showing sig strength -02 and getting towards +05 at times

EU stations often show bad DT readings also....i have e-mailed a couple of my local friends when their clocks have shown bad DT and the have changed their clock programs and fixed it

i am using WSJT-X by K1JT which is very sensitive to those problems

i'll bet those "clowns" dont have good clock software as it is a big problem wth Windows......im using Linux where most modern distros auto install and setup
NTP time software....very accurate too

asi said these are my observations there may be some other things going on too

73 David VK4BDJ

On 19/09/13 13:47, Ross Lambert wrote:
Just getting a kick out of some of the clowns on JT65 on 40 meters with the fake calls. �None of them come up in the call book. :-)

Seeing Calls like XW9JTH purporting to be calling calls like V36VI.
4L6PQS calling X71CHT
XO4ZQQ calling W88 �no suffix
6I5HEH working V35 no suffix
Other assorted gibberish.

No matter where you go the LIDS appear and ruin it for the rest of us. �OY!

Gee ........... maybe I'm missing the greatest band conditions of the century! �:-)


On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 7:29 PM, Jim - N4ST <newsgroup@...> wrote:


WSJT-X is not very forgiving on the CAT connection.
If the connection fails one time, there is no retry, it simply disables the
So, if you turn your rig off first or break the connection with HRD (and I'm
guessing DXLAB works the same), WSJT-X will turn its CAT interface.
I found this out the hard way by logging/spotting a couple dozen QSOs on the
wrong frequency.

Jim - N4ST

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Subject: [HamApps] changing bands

I have a couple of questions concerning changing bands and see if it�s my
setup or this is the ways it works
1.������ I cannot keep ENABLE CAT checked.. Almost every time I load WSJT-X
1.1 r3496 I have to go into CONFIG and check ENABLE CAT (rig = 9998
Commander for DXLab) Is this normal or is it suppose to stay checked all
2.������ When I do check ENABLE CAT, I can select bands from WSJT drop down
menu for bands and the rig changes fine and WSJT changes fine, all is ok.
BUT if I change bands using COMMANDER ( I have JT freqs saved in the memory
slots) the rig changes, WSJT-X changes the frequency readout but the drop
down menu showing band does not AND the freq readout is red until I select
the correct band from drop down menu
Now the only reasons I ask is first, it�s pain to remember to change and my
log has entered the wrong band a few times plus I got an email form someone
that need KY for contact and they seen me reporting spots on the wrong
So is this normal or is something need to be changed?
John Hudson

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