jtalert not recognizing .net 5.017


I've been using JTALERT with WSJT-X for years without any problems. With the recent changes in JTALERT requiring .net 5.017, I can't get JTALERT to see .net 5.017.

JTALERT and .net both installed without any problems but when I start WSJT-X and JTALERT, JTALERT tells me I need .net 5.017 !!!!

I tried deleting and reinstalling both and re-booting several times. JTALERT still didn't work.

I ran Windows repair. JTALERT didn't work.

I turned off my firewall and virus program. Reinstalled both. JTALERT still doesn't work.

As a matter of fact, I can't even get a sound check out of it !!!

I'm running a fully updated Windows 10 64-bit system.  I did look at the Windows Features and can see earlier version  of .net (4.0??) but not .net 5.017 there.

John, K9AAN

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