Filer "New grid" to exclude B4

Andy k3wyc

6 m has been active recently and I'm trying to fill in a few needed grid squares.  I have the callsigns window configured with the top pane as "Grid:Alert" and am finding the new grid alerts to be very useful.  However, there is sometimes a long delay between working a new grid and receiving confirmation of that QSO.  I assumed it should be possible to inhibit new grid reports for B4 QSO so I attempted to configure that way.

In Alerts settings I have "wanted grid" checked.  In Alerts/Filters I have checked "Do not show worked before callsigns".  However my Callsigns #1 Grid:Alert pane still shows and alerts on B4 new grids.

How do I inhibit alerting for new grids on callsigns I have worked B4?

(JTAlert ver 2.51.5, WSJT-X ver 2.3.0)

Andy, k3wyc

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