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On 14/05/2022 7:21 am, Joe wrote:
Addendum (The plot thickens):  This situation repeated itself a couple of hours after the first occurrence.  This time I paid a bit more attention to the screens and saw that not one but two of the pop-up windows that start out "JTAlert: QSO to DXLab DXKeeper", which is consistent with the fact that duplicate logging requests are being passed to DXKeeper.  One was located in front of the first JTAlert instance (#1-slice B) and the other was in front of the second instance of JTAlert (#2-slice C). This time I subsequently logged QSOs from slice D and slice B without duplicates being sent.  Returning to slice C and logging a QSO generates duplicate requests.  And then I noticed that the information in the main windows of JTAlert #1 and JTAlert #2 was the same!  How I missed that before I have no idea. So somehow, both JTAlert instances were bound to the same WSJTX instance, that for slice C.  The top line of each of the first two JTAlert windows had "JTAlert 2.51.3 WQ6Q [15m,FT8,DXK,#1]" and "JTAlert 2.51.3 WQ6Q [15m,FT8,DXK,#2]", respectively.

There have been past reports, (either on the WSJTX or WSJT-Devel groups, I don't recall which one) where a WSJT-X instance in a multi-instance Flex setup would suddenly change to using a different Flex slice other than the slice it was originally set to. Perhaps you're seeing the results of WSJTX switching slices. JTAlert has no concept of Flex slices, it associates itself with a WSJTX instance only and the gets the Band/Mode/DXCall status from WSJTX only. If WSJTX is reporting the wrong status than JTAlert will also.

Do you have each WSJT-X instance set with a unique --rig-name? You need to.
How do you have the WSJT-X UDP Server set? It needs to be set to use a multicast IP and the same port for each WSJT-X instance. eg on port 2237.

When you see this happen again please post the JTAlert current operating state for each JTAlert instance as reported when you use the "Help -> About" menu. Hint: use the clipboard copy icon top-right of the current operating state results. Paste those results into a reply to this thread.

As a temporary measure enable JTAlert docking to WSJTX. Use the "View -> Dock to WSJT-X window" menu. When you see multiple JTAlert instances reporting the same band/mode do those JTAlert instance windows move to docking the same WSJT-X instance?

de Laurie VK3AMA

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