locked More Flex multi-slice anomalous behavior... #FT8 #DXLAB


This is another chapter in my efforts to at least chronicle anomalous behavior when using WSJTX and JTAlert with 3 or more Flex Radio 6600M slices (receiver instances) active.

This setup is:
  Flex 6600m with four panadapters with slices A-D each in its own panadapter
  SmartSDR, DXKeeper
  3 instances of WSJTX
  3 slices (B-D) tuned to FT8
  1 slice (A) tuned to a 20m cw frequency
  3 instances of JTAlert paired with the 3 instances of WSJTX
  DXKeeper set to upload each QSO to LotW as it is entered.

The problem is that either two instances of JTAlert are requesting DXKeeper to log the same QSO made on slice C, or the slice C instance is making duplicate requests.  After I enter OK on the QSO confirmation window that pops up, I get a window that says that LotW rejected my log request because it was a duplicate.  Inspecting  DXKeeper, I see two new entries for the same QSO, one with the proper 'R' in the LotW RCVD column, the second without (since the duplicate logging attempt was rejected).

At this point I reboot all instances of JTAlert and life goes back to normal.  This duplicate logging did not happen two hours earlier when I logged a QSO from the D slice.

This error is repeatable, meaning once it starts, it continues until the software (all JTAlert instances) is rebooted. No idea why it starts in the first place, as it does not always show this behavior.  

Just reporting the facts...


Addendum (The plot thickens):  This situation repeated itself a couple of hours after the first occurrence.  This time I paid a bit more attention to the screens and saw that not one but two of the pop-up windows that start out "JTAlert: QSO to DXLab DXKeeper", which is consistent with the fact that duplicate logging requests are being passed to DXKeeper.  One was located in front of the first JTAlert instance (#1-slice B) and the other was in front of the second instance of JTAlert (#2-slice C). This time I subsequently logged QSOs from slice D and slice B without duplicates being sent.  Returning to slice C and logging a QSO generates duplicate requests.  And then I noticed that the information in the main windows of JTAlert #1 and JTAlert #2 was the same!  How I missed that before I have no idea. So somehow, both JTAlert instances were bound to the same WSJTX instance, that for slice C.  The top line of each of the first two JTAlert windows had "JTAlert 2.51.3 WQ6Q [15m,FT8,DXK,#1]" and "JTAlert 2.51.3 WQ6Q [15m,FT8,DXK,#2]", respectively.

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